How to check my IMEI number?

Press "*#06#" on dial and IMEI numbers will be shown. Or you can look for IMEI number on product box. Also can query on the settings interface.

How to do a hard reset(factory data reset) if I cannot turn the phone on?

Generally a hard reset can be done in “Setting-Backup & reset;-Factory data reset” when your phone can be turned on.If it is dead,please do this in recovery mode.Press Vol+ and Power buttons for more than three seconds,find “wipe data/factory reset”,click “Yes-delete all user data”.After this step,select “reboot system now”.

Why the sound(loudspeaker/microphone/receiver) is so weak in my phone?

Please enter engineering mode(press *#*#3646633#*#* on dial) to modify some settings.Find the option “Audio”,you can see many sound option,such as “Headset mode” “Loudspeaker mode” “Speech enhancement”.Choose one of them according to your need and modify the value to a higher one.Note:Please do this carefully and do not change other setting,we are not responsible for damage caused by change setting arbitrarily.